Jimmy O performs tonight at Corgans’ Publick House

Corgan's Publick House

Corgans’ Publick House

From what I understand, Jimmy O is a bit of a local legend ‘round these parts.  I’m tempted to say his voice is smooth as silk or sweet as pie, but in all honestly, he is better than that.  He is a silky pie of velvet cake covered in butter.  Lucky for us in Harrisonburg, he is performing tonight at Corgans’ Publick House (865 Port Republic Road).

If you don’t already know, Corgans is legendary in its own right.  The bar and restaurant perfectly recreates the look, feel, and taste of a traditional Irish pub with fish and chips served on newspaper and the best Guinness pour in town.  Their food, drink and vibe are spot on and certainly worth your patronage if you’re looking for something to do this Thursday night.

Stay tuned to Matchbox Downtown next week for updates on the Livery Lofts, new construction on Bruce Street, and new sales/events for Downtown Harrisonburg!

Mexi Night at Little Grill Collective

Little Grill Collective - Mexi Night

Little Grill Collective – Mexi Night

In case you don’t already know, Little Grill Collective (621 North Main Street) is a staple of the Harrisonburg food scene and known for its dedication to locally sourced ingredients and made from scratch recipes.  But have you heard of Little Grill Collective’s beloved Mexi Night that runs every Tuesday?

Mexi night at Little Grill has come to define the restaurant’s dedication to authenticity.  Every Tuesday night for the past 20 years (a score!), Little Grill recreates the recipes of Josephina, a former employee who first began preparing meals out of her home for members of the community and became so popular that Little Grill asked her to come in and recreate those recipes one night per week.   Her dishes (and therefore the Mexi night staples) include two tacos (1 bean, 1 potato) topped with pico de gallo, sour cream, and parmesan cheese, one cheese enchilada, a side mexi salad, and rice and beans.

What does a potato taco taste like you may say?  Let me tell you, it tastes like love wrapped in the warm hug of soft tortilla.  Also, did I mention that Mexi Night is All You Can Eat, meaning your plate will never be empty?!?  Deal of the century.

Mexi night is a homage to all things beautiful and right in the world, nestled at the intersection of community and food.  For more information on Little Grill Collective, visit their About Us page or watch the video below created by JMU students in 2008 regarding their history and beginnings.


Matchbox recognized by Virginia’s Department of Environmental Quality

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality;  Environmental Excellence

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality; Environmental Excellence

Matchbox Realty is now recognized as an Environmental Enterprise participant in the Virginia Environmental Excellence Program!  Matchbox has gone above and beyond environmental and energy efficiency requirements, not only in its projects throughout Harrisonburg, but also at its home office located downtown (202 North Liberty Street).

Led by our newest portfolio manager, Lacey Derrow, Matchbox filed an Environmental Management System (EMS) application with the State and was approved!   Our approved EMS includes innovative techniques such as radiant floor heat powered exclusively by solar panels, toilets with low flow settings to minimize water usage, and paper materials made exclusively from recycled products.

Here at Matchbox we are thrilled to be a part of such sustainable business practices and look forward to continuing our work throughout the state.  Stay tuned to Matchbox Downtown for our official plaque ceremony (so cool, love plaques) in the coming weeks.

First Fridays in Downtown Harrisonburg

First Fridays Downtown Harrisonburg

First Fridays Downtown Harrisonburg

January can be a slow month for businesses across Downtown Harrisonburg.  It’s cold outside and it’s warm inside so why go out around town when you can stay within the cozy confines of your home?  The answer is simple.  Because Downtown Harrisonburg is amazing and filled with life and pretty much the best thing going in the Valley.  Obviously.

Today, Friday, January 3rd, 2014 marks the first, First Friday of the year and Downtown Harrisonburg is celebrating with local artist takeovers of downtown staples such as Clementine, The Artful Dodger, Blue Nile, and Larkin Arts Studio.  So dust off your jacket, put on your rabbit skin hat, and get downtown to enjoy the culture and spirit of Harrisonburg.

First Fridays are promoted by Arts Council of the Valley and will run throughout 2014 on the first Friday of each month.  And as usual, Matchbox Downtown will remain your beacon for all things downtown!

2014 First Night in Harrisonburg

On December 31st, New Year’s Eve revelers will flock to Downtown Harrisonburg once again to enjoy music and entertainment from across the Valley.  This year’s vibrant lineup is led by Glick and Phillips and will also feature old standbys Little Walter and the Convictions, No Strings Attached, and Rhythm Road.

Event activities and performances begin at 6:00pm on December 31st with tickets being sold in the form of buttons for $6 in advance and $8 on the day of the event.   Your button will gain access to over 30 performances across 15 different venues all across Downtown Harrisonburg.   The event will be capped off with fireworks from Turner Pavilion at the stroke of midnight!

For more information on the event, please visit First Night Harrisonburg.

Downtown Harrisonburg Plan Our Park Rendering

Plan Our Park and Ken Smith reveal Urban Park Plans!

Last night’s City Council meeting was one of the most highly anticipated in recent memory as the Plan Our Park committee and city park designer Ken Smith presented their ideas, concepts, and plans before the Harrisonburg City Council.

Below you can see the plans for Phase One, Phase Two, and Phase Three

Downtown Harrisonburg Plan Our Park Phase One Rendering

Downtown Harrisonburg Plan Our Park Phase One Rendering

Downtown Harrisonburg Plan Our Park Phase Two Rendering

Downtown Harrisonburg Plan Our Park Phase Two Rendering


Downtown Harrisonburg Plan Our Park Phase Three Rendering

Downtown Harrisonburg Plan Our Park Phase Three Rendering

The total project is expected to cost between $9 million and $11 million and will be unveiled in three phases over a multi-year period.  At Matchbox, we are very excited to see such an innovative and thought provoking project in our downtown!

Rally for the Park in Downtown

Rally for the Park

Rally for the Park


On Tuesday, December 10th the Plan Our Park committee and design team will host ‘Rally for the Park’, where Plan Our Park members will meet at Turner Pavilion and hand out hot chocolate beginning at 6:15pm leading up to an important City Council meeting that same evening at 7:00pm.   At the City Council meeting, Plan Our Park will present its ideas and concepts for a unique downtown park that will serve as community space for members of Harrisonburg and visitors of downtown in particular.

The Plan Our Park committee was formed by a private group of residents in conjunction with world renowned landscape architect Ken Smith to create a park that combines Harrisonburg’s unique attributes and  sense of community into one interactive, open air space.

The City Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 10th at 7:00pm at 409 South Main Street.  The meetings are open to the public and can also be viewed on CitySpan (Channel 3).  Make sure to attend and become an active member of your downtown community!